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Tomorrow’s Dreams // Update #4

Please take a listen to our latest tune FEEL THE BLISS and take a look around our smart new website, designed by the incredible Sister Minor. You can also pick up one of the new T-Shirts she designed with us via our new shop. We’re going to keep this site updated and sharp over the coming months so keep calling. However this blog post must start back in time, its been a while since our last one….

Heaven Sent seems an age ago now. Watching it receive positive attention and interest abroad was a new one for us, particularly in Germany, our German isn’t the best so Google translate came in handy – a big thanks to all the pages and blogs that featured it, particularly ‘Don’t be real, be postmodern‘ who have supported us continuously.

The video was a great laugh to make, it started with a very loose concept and came out exactly as we wanted – one of the many advantages of being in charge and orchestrating every aspect of everything we do – spontaneity reigns. The Lionesses were the stars of the vid and have bought an extra dimension to the whole operation. Nice one to brother Luis who helped us out on camera duties – Viva!

A good friend of ours then put it together with a clip of Peaky Blinders, which we felt worked really well, to the point of us audaciously sending it to Steven Knight – the shows creator and writer. Amazingly we received a warm response from his office asking for us to get back in touch when filming is finished for the new series. A long shot yes, but why not?

Live rehearsals are progressing really well, now we know for sure we CAN do these songs justice live – it was never part of the plan to play live but we’re happy the tide has carried us to that shore. For various reasons we have had to turn down quite a few things over this last year or so but now we’re finally in a position where we are able to say YES to the right opportunities, if you’re interested in putting us on contact us here –

After Heaven Sent we shifted gear with X Y Z and to be honest having that variety in the sound is fundamental to us – stand still and you’ll turn to stone. It’s a fine line with guitar music, its easy to be flippantly dismissed – it’s a well trodden path, yeah we get that. However the journey can still be taken on a different road, with a different driver and with a totally different final destination. Get into the car, be the Passenger.

We have no management, no press agent….nothing, so for X Y Z to pick up interest all around the world, in places like Peru, Japan, Spain, Italy, Germany, Thailand and Russia, and in a totally organic way was a nice surprise and totally unexpected. Thank you to all of the overseas pages, blogs and radio stations– and of course the people viewing and listening. Not forgetting this glorious piece from our home country from Chunky Monkey.

Great to then once again find ourselves selected for the bbc6 fresh on the net listening post – picking up enough votes to then make their favourites of the week – especially pleasing as its voted for by strangers to our tunes. That’s our third track selected in the last year so thanks to them for the support, and of course Amazing Radio who have played so many of our songs.

We also want to give a mention to Little Indie Blogs who championed our last two tracks – Heaven Sent and X Y Z , and are now premiering Feel the Bliss. A lot of the international interest initially seems to stem from this blog so thanks to Linn who works tirelessly promoting unknown artists. Also nice one to The Indie Masterplan who have supported us from day one.

Finally, when you go past 30 (most of us have) making music and all the commitments that go with it becomes trickier, when you’re in your late teens and early 20’s it’s a lot easier, or it was for us anyway. We have seen many of our closest friends and contemporaries call time over the years, and for a variety of reasons. Life starts to get in the way, the hunger goes, apathy arrives – it’s a fact. On top of the usual mortgages, careers, children and getting a dog bit, being the wrong side of 30 has historically also been a massive hindrance for any unsigned artist. These days though it feels like the tide has turned and age and other non music factors are not as important as they once were, Sleaford Mods have shown us that in an inspirational way.

I’m not saying being older is a badge of honour, it counts for nothing at the end of the day, and rightly so. But it definitely brings a different dimension, different kind of outlook and a lucid appreciation of what it means to still be doing ‘it’. If you’ve still got something to say…say it, if you still want to do it…do it, turn it on its head, harness it and turn your situation into a positive – what is there to lose?

Ultimately, and perhaps idealistically only one thing should matter anyway – the art should live and die on its merits.

Turn up the struggle.



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