Synchronicity // Update #5

Last week details of our debut live show were announced! The time has finally come to take it to the live stage and to watch everything we’ve built fall into place – our path as a group has not followed the typical road, but who wants typical anyway?

Everything happens for a reason, so to have shifted half the tickets in pretty much the first week, with only Facebook posts advertising, it is an incredible achievement and vindication for our group and our ethos. We have officially released nothing, never played live and been 100% self-sufficient in every way from day one.

Debut shows on this level are unheard of, but we are NOT just another group and this is NOT just another gig. Seeing old friends, new friends and people we’ve never met booking hotels and making travel arrangements has been positively overwhelming – the gig is still 3 months away. People believe in us and that is the most important thing.

Make a plan, stick to it, believe, believe and believe some more.

We’ve been offered quite a few things all over the place during the last few years but our heart was always set on landing with a big bang in our hometown – and so it proves. Growing up in Wolves, it was always a live music city, always on the tour schedule, with a number of good sized venues. In the last decade things have fallen into major decline on that front, and as a city we have been starved of consistently good live music.

However, the tide is starting to turn again with Future Perfect and Newhampton Arts at the epicentre of something special, and we are delighted to be playing a small part in the resurrection of our good city.

The night itself will be taking place on Friday 10th November, and you can expect an avalanche of hip sounds and visuals, Lions, Lionesses, top notch supports, great DJs, new merch and a carnival atmosphere – come together!

On top of all this, the show is absolutely FREE, but please secure your ticket here as this WILL sell out!

We are also on the cusp of announcing news of our debut EP, but that is for another time. For now, sit back and watch the planets align.

And as the words “who the fuck are Lions of Dissent” emit from the mouths of the unenlightened, the answer is all around us.

The truth is out there.



Check out this wild Spotify playlist curated by our design chief and Lioness heart Sister Minor.