Planets Realign // Update #1

Lets just try and make something that’s good, something really good, something positive, something real, not chasing a dream that’s probably gone…but then again.

Here it is the Lions of Dissent website and the third track Dazed (but Unfazed), we’re proud of it, proud of it all, everything you see, hear, watch and consume is created by us. This is an all inclusive voyage and everyone is invited.

Is it a band?
Is it a record company?
Is it an art installation?

Who knows, or even cares?

Is it one man, is it ten? Does it really matter?

The initial reaction has been encouraging, Dust and then 9:Lives were sent out to face the scrutiny of the unknown, no press, no grand entrance, just a couple of songs on YouTube. To have picked up over 1000 views in the first month has been a great start from a position of absolutely nowhere. Praise be to the good few who have already got behind this – you are all lions.

We now embark on our campaign to take this to the wider world.

Things are about to change.

The bubble will burst.

How far can it go?

Who knows, fate will decide one way or the other, it always does.

Over and Out.