Higher and Higher

Higher and Higher // Update #2

Firstly, huge gratitude to everyone who has got behind us over the last few months, this is a new, independent operation and the growth is really encouraging for the future.

Early July was the time we started to spread our wings a bit, the website went live and Dazed landed – the time was right to test the waters around us…

The early traffic on the website was encouragingly heavy, hitting over 1000 in the first 14 days. During this time we also received direct messages from Anton Newcombe, telling us he liked what he saw – a small gesture that meant an awful lot to us, and something we hope may lead to some kind of future connection.

Getting DUST, Dazed and 9:Lives all played multiple times across Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing WM and Shropshire was also great to see – thanks to the trio of Simon Raymonde, Shell Zenner and Jack Parker on Amazing and both BBC Introducing platforms for taking us to their audiences. Also a thanks to Mr Peeps who included us on his latest podcast.

Our next move involves us putting out another song and video, this time taking the velocity down a bit but turning the soul up. Forever Changed is a song about the movement from darkness to light – a true story.

This coincides with us being part of a week long exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery from Saturday 5 – Saturday 12 September 2015. If you’re in our hometown check it out.

EXHIBITIONISM // LIONS OF DISSENT from Lions of Dissent on Vimeo.

To sign off, another thanks to the people who have sent us positive direct messages, we DO intend to take this live, this is NOT a one man operation, when and where is still in the hands of the gods but it WILL take place and it WILL be a happening to witness. We will also have our merch available to buy soon, and may even start by selling what features in our exhibition, sign up here to keep up to date.

There is already another 4 new tracks stood in line to be recorded.

Until next time